How to Make Soft Asian Milk Bread by Hand (recipe) 牛奶麵包

This Asian milk bread 牛奶麵包 (aka Hokkaido milk bread) is so fluffy and rich in milk flavor that you’ll never be able to go back to the regular white bread again.
Follow my detailed step-by-step instruction on how to craft the softest milk bread by incorporating TangZhong 湯種 (aka water roux). You’ll be amazed how much better this is than the bread from your local Chinese/Asian bakeries.

*Clarification: if this is your first time making this recipe, you can skip the reserved dough. However if you’d like to make this bread regularly, I’d strongly recommend saving a small portion of dough as suggested in the video.

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Soft Asian Milk Bread Hand Knead Method 牛奶麵包

Use the following recipe if you want to use a stand mixer or bread machine:

Super Soft Asian Milk Bread 牛奶麵包

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Prep Time: 45 minutes
Cook Time: 35 minutes
Serves: 1 loaf

Main Dough:
•330g / 2.5cup bread flour
•110g / 1/2cup TangZhong (water roux) – See ingredients below
•80ml / 1/3cup milk + 2tbsp
•56g / 1/2stick butter (at room temperature)
•50g / 1/4cup sugar
•*Reserved dough, about golf ball size
•1 large egg, beaten, reserve 1 tbsp
•3g / 1/2tsp salt
•2g / 1tsp instant yeast
•1tsp vanilla extract

TangZhong (water roux):
•100ml / 0.4cup water or milk (preferred)
•20g /2tbsp + 1tsp AP flour

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40 thoughts on “How to Make Soft Asian Milk Bread by Hand (recipe) 牛奶麵包

  1. Hello! Thank you for such a well explained video! I will trying to make this soon. In your opinion, does mixing by hand result in a better quality bread than using a mixer? Or are the results the same?

  2. Thanks so much for the great recipe. This is my first time baking this morning and it came out very successful. Soft, fluffy and not too much of a yeasty smell. Thanks so much again :o)

  3. How convert normal white bread to this recipes: my miljbread basic ingredients is bread flour :511grams ,water/milk:330gram,

    how to convert flour qty and
    tang thing qty, PSE advise

  4. How do you store the smaller piece of dough? in the refrigerator? how long will it keep for? I'm just starting to learn how to do this. Thanks for doing the tutorial.

  5. Yi
    Thk u so much for tis lovely tutorial..i hv seen quite somilar viseos..but must say..u are the best…
    I intend to try maycha w red bean..but when do i add in yhe matcha powder and red bean to the dough? Hope u can share.
    Also..saw the Anova precision cooker u used for yr is yhe tool..shd i get it too cos yhe teviews seem gd..even tho yhere are some other brands in yhe market.😊👍👏👏

  6. Hi bro superb bread can you please tell me for 1/2 cups of flour how much yeast salt sugar measurements because I have very small size pan …thanks for your recipe will wait for your reply

  7. Hi! I just have a quick question: whenever I make bread, the bread always comes out very soft and fluffy right out of the oven but if when I leave it overnight, on the next day, the bread always becomes hard and you know if that's normal? Thanks! 🙂

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